Monday, September 30, 2013

A cold, wet, beautiful day...

Sometimes life can be hectic, busy and frustrating, and sometimes you just need to get away form it for a little while. Get some quite time and just read for a while or watch waves crash. 

Friday two of my sisters a friend and I went to the beach for a little day trip get away. We armed ourselves with tons of blankets and way to much junk food. We had a smashing time! Here are a few lines I scribbled down sitting in the middle of a storm with cold feet. 

"Today I went to the beach with my sisters and a friend. We wanted to get away for a little while,  have some quiet time on the beach, read, eat junk food and relax. 

Now I'm sitting in a  rock shelter with a log roof and benches made of logs. On a beautiful hill with the most spectacular view of the ocean. On a cold, wet and windy day. Great. 

The clouds are all around us. Its not raining hard but it's consistent and cold. The shelter where i sit is facing towards the ocean and rain. It has two doors and an open wall or half wall looking towards the sea. The Roof isn't over that part of the building. Also it had a few windows leaving this "fort" well... drenched. The floor is almost wet all over (with a few dry patches here and there). And the benches are for the most part only damp. Every now and then the wind drives the rain further into the shelter and we become even more wet. 

But I said beautiful. And it is! 

The rain dropping into puddles, stirring reflections with small ringlets. The sound of the ocean below. A soft rustle of the leaves. 

And us all bundled up in every coat, blanket and hat we have along. 

Cold toes, cold hands, cold nose but warm hearts. 

Outside one of the windows I can see part of the coast line. The think fog rolling in makes it fad away in a almost magical way. So prettily framed. 

The contrast of green on dark gray and brown. A small weed has grown up in the floor. White light defused in the clouds reflects onto the wet rocks everywhere. 

My toes are even colder now. And it sounds like the rain has grown harder now. 

It might not sound like much to you. Sitting warm and dry somewhere but I am overwhelmed by its subtle beauty. And grateful for a warm coat. 

Thank you God for giving me all this."

-Mary K. 

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