Monday, February 24, 2014

Isn't that what life's about?

But this is what life's about, isn't it? 

Dull winter afternoons. Kids playing basket  ball in the yard. Little birdies punching on the blackberry bushes singing to each other. Me on a walk, stopping to sit by the river and listen to the lap, lap, lap of the water on the bank by my feet. Masses of water rushing down stream every second. The river looks like someone dumped millions of gallons of chocolate milk into it, the result of all the rain we've been getting lately.

It's strange how easily I can compare my life to the sticks I see bobbing up and down in the current. Being sucked under but rising up again... And comparing the lovely yet baffling clouds in the sky to the things I can't control or change. And yet they do change because of the wind, I look down and then up and everything's different. 

Theres so much we can't control. I want to be someone that is controlled by the beauty I see all around me even when life is dull or stifling. Yet maybe controlled is to strong of a word. Maybe inspired is a  better fit. I want to be inspired every day by a little birds song or the sound of running water. By the interesting textures on a bolder and by the changing colors in the sky. Don't be too busy to notice the good things all around you, the things that can't be bought with riches but are given to us free. Because that's what life's about, isn't it! 

Sorry about the bad quality of this picture, just a quick snap of a little daisy!

Happy Monday! 

-Mary K.


  1. the pic is great, btw is there another blog on the way?

  2. Love this, Mary! You're doing really great at photography! Keep it up!